Special Situations

Reynolds Advisory Partners bankers can add tremendous value in many unique and complex situations including:

Pre-revenue technology transfers: We have a proven track record selling pre-revenue technology companies where the underlying technology is proven and protected, and the market opportunity is large and identified.

International transactions: We have closed transactions with clients and/or counter parties from 19 different countries.

Management transitions: Many entrepreneurs see an M&A transaction as a way to their retirement.  We know exactly how to make that happen in an orderly and efficient way.

Customer concentrations:  Many market participants discount companies with heavy customer concentrations.  We have successfully over come this issue on many occasions, completing successful transactions in the process.

Family shareholder complications: We have spent our entire careers working with families to explore strategic alternatives available and to build consensus, achieving the best transaction for all concerned.

Contingent liabilities:  We are experts at overcoming legal and regulatory complexities via insurance, indemnity or other structures to allowing transactions to close.

Unique, niche, and complex business models: With $100 billion of M&A experience, we like to say we have seen it all and are willing and able to use this diverse experience, to tackle new challenges in case we have not.

Public market transactions (including adversarial situations): We can help you navigate the world of both friendly and hostile public transactions tactics including poison pills, shareholder relations, proxy contests, and litigation strategies.