Reynolds Advisory Partners provides private and public company Boards of Directors, investors, trustees, and other organizational leaders or fiduciaries with an array of advisory services to assist in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. We provide fairness opinion services in conjunction with our mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, and other services or independently to support important strategic and financial decisions. Clients count on Reynolds Advisory Partners to provide the highest standards of integrity, independence, objectivity, and financial expertise.

Our bankers average over 25 years of investment banking experience with major firms issuing over tens of billions of fairness opinions encompassing a wide range of industries and transaction types. We approach every Fairness Opinion with rigor and independence performing a comprehensive analysis of the proposed transaction as well as exploring alternative transactions which allows our clients to make fully informed business decisions. In our process, we determine the projected impact of the transaction on the organization and its owners. Importantly, our extensive due diligence efforts clearly identify the key assumptions inherent in the analysis. This detailed analysis is then presented to the fiduciaries along with a comprehensive report that provides an excellent decision-making tool, documents the fiduciaries’ adequate consideration of the proposed transaction, and supports the appropriate exercise of fiduciary duties.

Our Fairness Opinion is typically formalized with a letter to the Board or other fiduciaries which generally can be used in its entirety in materials distributed to shareholders or to other owners for their approval of the transaction.